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Seasonal Pet Safety

Understanding seaonal pet safety concerns is important when it comes to keeping your companion safe all year long.  With various holidays and seasonal changes in weather, you will need to care for your home differently to make sure your pets are as happy as you are.

While there are many tips that depend on the season, there are several ways to keep your pets safe year-round.  There are many risks that dogs and cats are routinely exposed to, some of which are poisonous or could make your pet sick. Everyday items and products, such as cleaning chemicals, food, plants, and decorations can prove dangerous to the health of both dogs and cats.  Identifying and removing toxic items from the home may even help resolve or explain sudden illnesses or health problems. Other dangers are non-chemical related, but can be just as harmful. For example, candles can burn a pet, while small objects or toys may prove to be choking hazards.

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