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Training a Puppy

Meet the Staff

The staff members of the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) work on the guiding belief that companion animals deserve compassionate care, comfortable and safe harbor, and a permanent and loving home where they can thrive and be a beloved member of a family. Their dedication ensures the continuation of our efforts as a no-kill humane society committed to rescuing, supporting, educating and advocating for our companion animal friends. Get to know our team below.

DHRS 18_edited.jpg

Noelle Chesney

Executive Director

DRHS 5_edited.jpg

Bri Eickhoff

Director of Operations

DHRS 21_edited.jpg

Steve Manders

Development Director

DHRS 17.jpeg

Mariah Wallace

Bookkeeper & HR Administrator

DHRS 14_edited.jpg

Dr. Jerry Schrader


DHRS 13_edited.jpg

Isabelle Schaefer

Veterinary Assistant

DHRS 7.jpeg

Conner Campbell

Humane Education Coordinator/ACT

Community Care Representatives

DRHS 4_edited.jpg
DHRS 19_edited.jpg

Becca Cunningham


DHRS 9_edited.jpg

Roberta Milligan

DHRS 16_edited.jpg

Diana Reuber

Leah Kurt

Animal Care Technicians (ACT)

DHRS 6_edited.jpg

Cassie Anderson



Jordyn Gibson

DHRS 10_edited.jpg

Eddie Anderson

DHRS 12_edited.jpg

Eve VanDerZyl

Adian (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Adian Wood


Matthew Rollings

DHRS 11_edited.jpg

Ellen Chesney

DHRS 3_edited_edited.jpg

Aubrey Berning

Facilities Coordinators/Maintenance


John Torres


Andrew Wallace

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