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Happy Tails: Weezie

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

"Elizabeth and I (Jacob), adopted Weezie in March of 2022. Weezie is the first addition to our family, and she is definitely our baby girl. We checked out a few cats before Weezie, until we noticed a silly little cat fall off her loft and tip over all of her food, we then knew that this goofy girl was the one for us. Weezie is as goofy and silly, as she is patient, mannered and affectionate. Weezie's hobbies include; licking us in our sleep, breaking into closets and dresser drawers for a nap, and hunting the occasional bug in the apartment (it's her part time job). We would be missing a large piece of our lives without Weezie." - Jacob B.

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