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Happy Tails: Oliver

"My boyfriend and I adopted Oliver (FKA Bear) on October 1st. He was about 7 months at the time. When he first arrived to the DRHS, I immediately fell in love with him! He was one of my best patients! I did a dog-to-dog with Oliver and my 1.5 year old dog, Gunner. Gunner had to put him in his place a few times at first, then they immediately started to be friends. They are best friends now and can't do anything without each other. They are the best boys!

Oliver absolutely loves cuddles and scratches. He loves to go for walks (mainly to chase leaves), play outside, wrestle with his brother, chase my nephews, play with other dogs, and go for car rides and have the wind blow up his ears and mouth flaps. He is very food motivated, so whenever we're cooking, he is right there waiting for his opportunity to catch the scraps to make sure it's safe for us to eat. :)

Thank you to the DRHS for giving us this opportunity to gain another fur baby!" - Hannah K.

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