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Happy Tails: Nala

"My fiancé and I adopted Nala last year on Feb. 3rd, 2023. She was originally brought in pregnant with 9 puppies and nicknamed Mama Nala during her time at the DRHS.

Despite having 9 babies of her own, she is now the baby of our house who sleeps in a king bed, has her own room to sunbathe in, and access to unlimited tennis balls (her absolute favorite toy). 🎾

She is the sweetest, most affectionate girl who greets every person she meets with a wag & face lick. She loves playing fetch and most of all LOVES to cuddle!

Nala helped ease our pain during a very difficult time in our lives & was meant to join our little family. She is absolutely spoiled, just as she deserves, and makes us so very happy! Thank you to the DRHS for all you do for loving animals like our Nay Nay 💕" -Mitch & Larissa W.

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