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Happy Tails: Miss. Pots, Honey, and Alaska

"In November of 2021 I told my fiancé that I wanted a cat. That’s when I saw Honey (originally Sandi). She had a beautiful pattern on her and she looked so sweet. When we went to see her, she had another friend with her - Miss. Potts (originally Yelisa). My fiancé and I loved both girls and since they were already familiar with each other, we decided to take both home! Honey stayed in my arms the entire time we filled out adoption forms, she’s a snuggle bug. We later learned that Miss. Potts, who always walked a little different, has Cerebellar hypoplasia. It's very mild but it does make her a little wobbly and extra cute.

Fast forward to August 2022. My fiancé and I have been married for two months now! We had just gotten back from the state fair when my mom let me know she had to put down my childhood dog. I was devastated. My entire life, I always grew up with dogs in the house, and I knew eventually I would like to get my own. When at a birthday party for my niece, I saw a post of new arrivals at the Humane Society. That’s when we saw Alaska and his brothers! When we got to the shelter, only Alaska was left and he had my heart the moment I saw him. He is now a little over a year old and is the most spoiled dog ever. He loves the cats and even takes care of Miss. Potts by cleaning her ears." - Grace J.

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