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Happy Tails: Lulu

"Pupdate on Lulu (formerly known as Tootsie). She joined our family from the DRHS on 5/18/2023 and is our first family doggo. Per her records, she was born on 2/20/21 and she bounced around a bit, ending up back at the DRHS twice. When we met her she was very underweight and was recovering from some health issues but she has gotten up to a healthy weight. She has a lot of energy, and a little bit of puppy trauma, which is to be expected, but she is super smart, loves to spend time training, and came to us potty and crate trained (Woot Woot!). Our adult male cat, Hans, is tolerating her (they are getting a little better around each other) but she isn't chasing or harassing him. Our big hooman kids (19 and 21) have been very kind and tolerant of the shifts that having a dog brings into your lives (no food on the counters/anywhere she can snatch it, needing to sniff and greet every visitor, etc.)

Lulu, like almost all beings, thrives on love and routine. We take her for a few shorter sniff and potty walks per day and most evenings/afternoons I am able to do some obedience training with her (fetch, recall, sit and stay, loose leash walking, etc.) We have done one round of obedience training through Coaching K9s here in Platteville and have her signed up for the next round, along with watching A LOT of TikTok and Youtube videos on dog training.

Our family has gone through some tough things recently (an upcoming empty nest and an unexpected death in the family) and Lulu has brought joy and giggles to our lives and reminds us that she loves and needs us very much (those eyes...) and we love her SO SO MUCH for that. If folks are on the fence about getting a rescue dog, you are going to have to work with them to let them know they are safe and loved, work on impulse control, etc, but the love that your doggo shows you when you spend time with them is SUPER WORTH IT.

The sweetest thing is when after I take her for her morning walk, she runs back in to snuggle under the covers for a little with her dad (who wasn't as keen on getting a dog) before he gets up for work. The first time I found her under the covers and said "Huh, I thought no dogs were allowed in the bed," he sweetly replied "but she is just so persuasive." She truly has brought so much love and joy to our family. Thanks so much to everyone at the DRHS for the work you do." - Molly Z.

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