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Happy Tails: Lillian & Loki

"Hi! My husband and I adopted two puppies from the DRHS back in 2019 and I wanted to share their stories with their new family.

Loki joined our family in April 2019 and is the first pet my now husband & I have owned together. He immediately turned our house into a home with his playful antics and happy demeanor. Loki loves being outside, going for walks and/or runs, and exploring the woods while his parents play disc golf. But Loki’s favorite part of his life is being the big brother to his two little sister puppies. He is the most intelligent and well behaved dog I have ever owned.

Lillian (known as Abigail at the DRHS) joined our family a little less than 7 months after Loki in November 2019. The moment Lily came into the room with us, she darted at her now dad and jumped into his arms with the biggest smile. Right then we knew she was going to be our little girl. Lillian loves cuddles, snuggles and attention 💕 She also enjoys car rides with her head out the window, cheeks flapping in the wind, and exploring the woods while her parents disc golf." - Caissa T.

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