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Happy Tails: Harvey & Mason

"Harvey ( portly ) and Mason (not portly) were adopted at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society back in December 2017 as a Christmas present for my mother. Harvey came home around December 23. Things didn’t seem quite right as he kept wandering around the house crying. After Christmas, we called the Humane Society to see if he was missing someone. It turned out he came in with his “brother“ Mason. When my dad adopted Harvey, he didn’t see Mason because he was hiding in the covered litter box. Two days after Christmas, Mason came home.

These two couldn’t be more different in personality. Harvey insists on helping you with everything, even if help is not needed or required. Mason, on the other hand, sits back and supervises. Harvey also loves to sit on your shoulder - 16 pounds of cat around your neck can get heavy, but he loves it. Both boys are adored by all, and we are so blessed to have them!" - Amanda M.

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