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Happy Tails: George

Sheila Schneider is in her 25th year of being a volunteer with the DRHS. Over the years, she has earned the title of Expert Handler and it is clear why. Sheila is an exemplary volunteer, whether it is when she is socializing, walking, and/ or fostering dogs at the DRHS. So, when George (formerly known as Gimli) arrived to the DRHS in November of 2022, it was love at first sight!

“Of the four dogs we’ve taken in, he’s the most pathetic looking of the bunch, with his nose sitting sideways,” says Sheila. George’s unique look is due to him having a cleft palate, which is an improper formation of the structure of his mouth and nose. While the condition may affect George’s looks, it does not slow him down otherwise. Along with George, Sheila also owns an elderly Lab mix named Chief, a 13-year-old pit bull named Chip, and a Corgi named Walter.

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