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Happy Tails: Ash

"Yesterday marked Ash (f/k/a Orange) being home for a year! I have told him, my family, and my friends that although I adopted him, he is the one that rescued me! He has had so many positive changes in the last year! He learned our routine quickly, has learned what a couch is and meant for and how to roll on it if you don’t want fall off; he kennels on demand, he chooses dog toys over human things, he has learned what dog beds are for, he has learned how to cuddle. He was given the space, time, and opportunity to be an amazing dog and he truly is that. He was brought in as a stray and I’ll never understand why his original humans didn’t take him back but it’s worked out the best for both of us. I love and appreciate him more every day. 

Thank you DRHS for approving me to bring this sweet boy in my life. I promise, it will continue to be a happy life for him!"

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