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Happy Tails: Tater Tot

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

"We adopted Tater Tot (formerly Arizona) in early August 2023. She hasn’t been here long, but has wormed her way into our hearts and we can’t imagine life without her. We have another cat that is only able to use 3 of his legs & we thought they would be good for each other. He hasn’t seemed to care about a lot of the other cats we’ve had, but he took to her right away. He is very protective of her, tolerates her playing with his fluffy tail & generously switches food bowls when she insists on eating out of his bowl. She has also made friends with our dogs Kevin (adopted from DRHS in 2019) & Harley (adopted from DRHS in 2011). She loves Harley’s fluffy tail & plays games with Kevin. She is such a feisty little girl but a total cuddle bug when she’s tired. She is definitely a great fit for our family!" - Sarah K.

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