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Feeding Guinea Pig


Over the years, hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the tri-states have creatively raised money to benefit the thousands of lost, abandoned, neglected, rescued or surrendered companion animals at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS). It’s all thanks to their generosity and support that we can continue our efforts as a no-kill humane society committed to rescuing, supporting, educating and advocating for our companion animal friends.

Interested in getting involved? Pick an idea from the list below or think of your own, then contact our director of community development for more information on how your event can make the biggest impact.


  • As a business owner, consider creating a matching gift program

    • Employees, check in with your employer to see if a matching gift program is already available

  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser in honor of your DRHS companion, your birthday, or just because

    • Learn more about creating a fundraiser here

  • Drop off acceptable unwanted items to Stuff Etc. and designate the DRHS charitable account as the recipient of any sales

    • You can find the list of accepted items at the Dubuque location here

  • As a business owner/manager, contact the DRHS for a donation box that can be placed at your check out/register

  • Host a fundraiser night with a percentage of sales donated to the DRHS

  • Organize a “Casual 4 Canines” jeans day at your workplace

  • Ask guests (wedding, birthday, retirement, etc.) to bring items from our Fetch List instead of presents

  • Raise money by selling items at a neighborhood garage sale

  • Hold a penny drive at your school

  • Host a car wash

  • Plan a bake sale

  • Collect donations at a company-wide potluck

  • Host a supply drive

  • Set up a lemonade stand

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