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RaiseRight Fundraising for DRHS

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Gift card fundraising is a simple, effective way to raise money for the Dubuque Regional Humane Society, with participants able to raise 5X more for the organizations they care about, just through their everyday shopping. 

  • No strain on monthly budgets, because you’re spending money you already would on things you already need

  • On average, a higher earnings percentage on your spending than most credit cards (with no monthly fees!)

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Dubuque Regional Humane Society's enrollment code:

If you have any questions, please contact

What is Gift Card Fundraising?

Gift card fundraising is a different way to fundraise, taking everyday shopping and turning it into dollars for your favorite organization. It requires less effort for volunteers and supporters than other traditional fundraisers, and it eliminates the need to buy or sell things you don’t need. The beauty of gift card fundraising is your ability to earn money for your organization just by changing the way you pay for everyday expenses like gas and groceries. With 750+ brands available, you can find a gift card for almost anything you could need. 

Easy to Use Mobile App

RaiseRight, through their highly-rated mobile app, makes it easy for your participants to earn for your organization by offering a variety of gift card types and a variety of ways to buy them, on-the-go. Your participants can buy gift cards or reload them with the touch of a button, and in most cases, funds are available on a reloadable or eGift card in a matter of seconds. This means your participants can purchase gift cards for near-exact amounts, standing right in the checkout line.

Everybody Wins with Gift Card Fundraising!

RaiseRight has no monthly program fees, no limits on your fundraising, and no restrictions on what you can use your funds for. Almost sounds too good to be true, and you might be wondering if there’s a catch. That’s a fair question, but one of the reasons that gift card fundraising works so well is that everybody wins. Brands, RaiseRight, and most importantly, your organization all get things that they need.

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