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Happy Tails: Rambo

This "happy tails" is in loving memory of Rambo (John J), formerly known as Rocky.

Rambo was adopted by Janet back in 2009 from the Dubuque Regional Humane Society. She described Rambo as the sweetest, most gentle dog she ever owned. “Rambo did not have a bucket list, but last weekend he was able to do the 2 things he really enjoyed: Taking a walk-about in the fields, and camping in the RV."

"Rambo, thank you for being my dog and giving me so many smiles for the 14+ years you were with me. You have been a great dog-friend and I will miss you. You taught me not to be too serious about things and that dog sports were just silly games designed to have fun with your dog. Don’t worry be happy!”

This link was graciously provided by Janet. "Here's a video I made several years back and will definitely be good memories for those who knew this dog."

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