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Happy Tails: Burnley & SunnyD

"We adopted Carlos Sunshine ( Now known as Burnley AKA BurnBurns) 10/1/2021. Let me tell you, this little chunker has been a Sunshine in our lives from the moment we adopted him. He is the oldest cat in our home coming in at 11 years old and our other cats (Tinks and Echo) immediately took him in. His favorite things he likes to do: 

  • Meow up and down the hallways after he goes to the bathroom to let me know he went and to clean it up immediately

  • Decides to climb on my back or stomach while I'm sleeping  each night and I'll wake up to him purring up a storm... or snoring 

  • Going into my dresser at night to grab socks and then continuing to meow while he's bringing them to the living room. Letting me know I have to pick them up later

  • Moving the water dish first so it rocks while he drinks the water

  • CatTV - birds will run across the house if he hears it come on. 

  • Snores louder than my grandpa. 


We adopted the sweetheart Sunny (now known as SunnyD- Mac , Mac attack) 12/24/23.

When I first saw him on the website as available  I just knew he needed to be in our lives. This little man had a gash on his nose when we first got him due to being food aggressive with another cat. We can definitely say he is a foodie. We feed him separately and he definitely knows when tuna/ treat time is 😃

We are working with him to be comfortable with the others. Of course he took to his big bro Burnley first. We are so happy to have him in our lives and spoil him as he so deserves. His favorite things to do:

  • One word, SNUGGLE

  • Being brushed for an HR, nothing less 

  • Green noise or fireplace sounds puts him in a deep snooze

  • Running randomly throughout the day thinking something is under the bed... there is not LOL

  • Anything with FOOD involved whether that be watching me cook dinner, watching 1000 lbs sisters,  bringing groceries in, etc.  If I were to say food out loud right now I'm sure he would come running."

-Lindzy S.

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