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Animal Care Supervisor

Title: Animal Care Supervisor

Reports to: Director of Operations

Hours: Part-time or Full-time

Status: Non-exempt




The Animal Care Supervisor is responsible for advancing the mission of the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) by fulfilling strategic initiatives, executing overall management and effective communication of animal and community services, and writing policies and procedures. Additionally, the Animal Care Supervisor ensures quality animal care, shelter cleanliness, and excellent community engagement in accordance with the established best practices.


Essential Job Functions



  • Oversee the day-to-day work of Animal Care team in collaboration with the Director of Operations

    • Ensure daily animal care is completed efficiently and effectively, monitoring task checklists.

    • Interview and hire candidates for open positions

    • Develop and execute the training processes

    • Provide performance evaluations

    • Communicate effectively with employees to identify successes and correct areas in need of improvement 

    • Receive and address employee concerns.

    • Maintain a spirit of teamwork, collaboration, and respect

  • Ensure adequate staff coverage by completing the employee schedule for the Animal Care team. Approve overtime, time-off requests, and availability changes.

  • Ensure Animal Care team maintains an effective working relationship with volunteers, communicating, supporting, and engaging volunteers to foster a collaborative working environment.

  • Effectively communicate any changes or communications to the Animal Care Team and Community Care Team to ensure proper communication to the community and volunteers.

  • Aid in all areas of animal and community care including, but not limited to, adoptions, surrenders, euthanasia, vaccinations, and dog evaluations.

  • Supervise work study students and animal care interns.

  • Handle community member complaints when the Community Care Supervisor is unavailable.



Shelter Operations

  • Develop, implement, and monitor programs to maintain and improve the standards of humane animal care and community services.

  • Collaborate with Director of Operations, as appropriate, on matters concerning animal health and behavior.

  • Ensure there is adequate inventory of animal care and cleaning supplies.

  • Ensure Standard Operating Procedures and Policies are developed, applied and followed in collaboration with the Director of Operations.

  • Establish safety protocols. Monitor programs and services to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Monitor safety compliance of staff and take immediate action to correct hazards in collaboration with the Director of Operations.

  • Collaborate with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers for assistance throughout the shelter.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, Business Management, or related coursework or equivalent combination of education and work experience.

  • Knowledge of animal healthcare and welfare.

  • Work collaboratively with diverse groups of people including volunteers, department supervisors, and staff.

  • Have steadfast belief in the mission, policies, and procedures of the DRHS.

  • Have strong organization, interpersonal, and multi-tasking skills. Able to prioritize and adhere to deadlines. Self-driven and goal oriented.

  • Be creative and resourceful. Able to coordinate resources to help fulfill responsibilities.

  • Be flexible and spontaneous, while being detail-oriented. Able and enthusiastic to share the mission and stories of the DRHS.

To apply, send your resume to

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