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Happy Tails: Smoke

"My husband and I adopted a husky named Smoke back in April 2023. It's been 4 months and we absolutely adore him. He loves to be outdoors and running, so we made it part of our daily routine to take him to the dog park, on top of at least 4 walks a day. On weekends, we go hiking just to give him some additional stimulation.

When I tell him it's park time, he jumps right up and heads to the door, staring at his leash in anticipation. His stubbornness and pickiness, in true husky fashion, earned him the nickname "Prince of the Park" & "The Dogfather" since he will only play with the other dogs when he feels like it. Otherwise, he will watch over the other dogs and run around them (notice how I said around them and not with them lol). He even has a few new husky friends he absolutely loves to play with. He is well loved and gets plenty of treats and rubs. Plus, I'm much more active than I've ever been, just to keep up with his energy." -Tatyanna C.

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