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Happy Tails: Boca

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

"Good morning! I thought it was about time for Goldie’s (Now Boca) happy tails- although I did it a little differently. I wrote it from her perspective. Enjoy!

Hey friends. It’s your girl, Goldie. Except my new mom and dad have re-named me. They said my name is “Bo-Catan”? For the Star Wars fans. Yes. Bo-Katan, but I’m a cat. So it’s with a C. Clever. Right? Mom, dad, and my new human sisters call me “Boca” for short though? They said it’s because I’m very loud, mouthy, and opinionated. I don’t like it when mom and dad are talking to anyone but me. Mom’s work phone is my arch nemesis. She talks to it more than me during the day and I don’t like that so I have to chirp and meow louder and louder until I get picked up. I also have beef with the birds, but I’m doing a great job at keeping them outside.

If you leave the living room. You can bet your tail I’m coming with. How dare you leave a room without me. Don’t even think about closing a door; I’ll scream until you let me in. My favorite place is mom’s office chair and her spot in the living room. Or on top of the cabinets in the kitchen where I can see everything going on.

I love my new home though. I get pets whenever I want, dad gets me the most delicious wet food that gets made at his work, snacks and treats are always on hand even though mom and dad had to hide them from me because I will try and over indulge by ripping into the package again when they aren’t looking, and I have SO MANY TOYS, however, my favorite ones are the Q tips I keep stealing out of the bathroom, and my tail. I will chase it until I fall off the chair or hit the wall; dad thinks I might be part dog.

Oh. I gotta go. Mom just stood up from her chair. I need to see where she’s going. Thank you for keeping me safe until my fur-ever family found me. Love you guys! Bye!" - Olivia B.

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