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In the Dog House

Company and community leaders are being thrown "In the Doghouse," but for a great cause!  They will be fundraising for the homeless animals at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS).  These leaders are devoting their time and talents to raising money for their "IMPOUND FEES."  The proceeds will provide routine, necessary, and sometimes lifesaving medical treatment for our animals.

Our 2019 "In the Doghouse" campaign is up an running through the end of March!  Visit the campaign website to take a look at our participants and make a donation to help get them out of the doghouse. 

Any amount helps our dogs, cats and critters and their pathway to a new home!

$25 reunites families by providing four animals with a microchip.
$50 grants spay surgery for one cat.
$100 enriches daily life for countless animals with treats, toys, and activities.
$250 provides healing interventions that eliminate painful conditions for an animal in need.
$500 delivers compassionate care for a week for three dogs.

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