Student Volunteer

Volunteering for Class/Group Credit and Service Hours

1. You must attend one of our monthly volunteer orientation sessions.

2. You need to complete a Short Term Volunteer Application (bring your copy to orientation).
Your service hours project must be approved by the Community Outreach Coordinator after orientation.
So please be thinking about this ahead of time and plan accordingly.

3. Please provide us with the following information at orientation.

Your Name:



School Attending:

Class Name:

Teacher/Leader Name:

Teacher/Leader Email:

Number of Hours Required:

Due Date for Hours:

5. Call our Outreach Coordinator with any questions about your hours at 563-582-6766 Ext 28.

Need some resume builders? Ask about our special student volunteer experiences:
  1. Humane Education Teaching Opportunities for Education Majors
  2. Experience Opportunities working with Groups for Special Education Majors
  3. Veterinarian/Animal Profession Shadowing Opportunities

Thank you for volunteering!