Season of Pawsibilities

Season of Pawsibilities is the Dubuque Regional Humane Society’s (DRHS) annual appeal to build a community of unconditional love by connecting people and pets. This is achieved by engaging our community in raising much needed funds to create new pathways home for the animals at the shelter, recruit new volunteers and create greater awareness about the DRHS in our tri-state community.

The DRHS is Here for the Animals Because of You.

Dedication to the animals we care for means we work on the guiding belief that companion animals deserve compassionate care, comfortable and safe harbor, and a permanent and loving home where they can thrive and be a beloved member of a family.

And We Are Here for You, Our Community, Too!
Commitment to you, our community, means we provide the services necessary to build families through adoption, cultivate character development through humane education, and foster the greater good through community outreach and the prevention of cruelty.

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Season of Pawsibilites