New Volunteer

Welcome to the DRHS family!

Thank you for your interest in the volunteer program. We rely heavily on our volunteers to help meet a variety of needs of our animals and our organization. Volunteers make the difference in the lives of the thousands of lost, unwanted, and abandoned animals the humane society cares for.

Just seeing an animal enjoy your company and love will make your time and talents a rewarding experience at the DRHS. You are choosing to change their world. No volunteer contribution is too small or insignificant, they all make a difference in our animals' lives!

How do I get started?
Step 1: As a volunteer, the DRHS would like a commitment of 5 or more hours a month for at least 6 months.

Step 2: If you can meet the time commitment, please complete a volunteer application. If you are joining us to complete a class project, service hours, etc. please complete the SHORT TERM volunteer application.

Step 3: Attend a volunteer orientation (pre-registration is required and space is limited to 20 people). Orientation provides vital information regarding the DRHS and what opportunities are available. These are held the 1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday of every month.

Who can Volunteer?

If you are 16 years old or older and can commit approximately 5 hours or more per month toward helping our animals, we would love to have you join our outstanding team of Volunteers.

Who else can volunteer: Volunteers 12-15 years old and individuals 16 and over who do not meet independent volunteering criteria must have a DRHS adult volunteer with them at all times.
Volunteer Criteria
Paws Up!

Anyone that volunteers 10 hours or more per month or completes a special project (such as an off-site adoption event) will receive a Paw’s Up reward! This includes a special gift, recognition in our e-newsletter (view and sign up for our e-newsletter
HERE), and a paw sticker on your name tag each time you receive the award.
How can I help?

Have a green thumb or love to garden? Join the Green Team! Love to work with kids? Be a Humane Education Helper or Volunteer Instructor! Below is more information on the variety of opportunities we offer.

Special Events Volunteer: The DRHS does not receive money from any national animal welfare agencies, or the federal or local government. All funding comes from donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, grants, sponsorships, and contracts with local municipalities. The DRHS annual fundraisers such as “Strut Your Mutt” and “Tails at Twilight”.

Operations Volunteers: This is another very special opportunity designed for volunteers who want to take their experience to a higher level. Those who have completed at least 10 hours are eligible to complete training for any of these positions: Bathing and Grooming, Dirty Paws Laundry Service, Kennel Technician Volunteer.

Office Administration Volunteer: Office Administration Volunteers help staff with a variety of tasks including: organizing the volunteer office, putting together information packets, creating informational materials for potential adopters, scanning documents, entering data, and other tasks as necessary.

Humane Education Helper: Our kids’ program volunteers assist our Community Outreach Coordinator and program leaders with Humane Heroes, Kids & Critters Camp, and other children’s activities. Volunteers help monitor groups of up to 10 children while they play a game, work on crafts, or socialize with animals.

Exercise and Socialization Volunteer: Give adoptable animal’s individualized attention and exercise. After you pick an animal to socialize, a staff member or a Certified Pet Handler (CPH) will bring the animal to you. You can socialize the pet in a visitation room, take a dog out for a walk, or play with a dog in one of our three fenced-in areas.

Certified Pet Handler: Certified Pet Handler (CPH): is a very special opportunity designed for volunteers who want to take their volunteer experience to a higher level. Any volunteer that has completed at least 10 hours of service may ask to become a CPH. The CPH certification program was not designed to simply get your own animals in and out of their enclosures. CPHs work during busy times greeting people that visit the shelter and getting animals in and out for potential adopters and other non-CPH volunteers. All active CPHs will have a yellow nametag.

Humane Education Volunteer Instructor: Teach children about the importance of animal responsibility, spay/neuter, and/or animal safety in area schools or in the shelter. Staff will train and provide materials for all HE volunteers.

Off-Site Adoption Volunteer: Sit with our adoptable animals at various locations. The purpose of an off-site event is to help our adoptable animal find a forever home, as well as raise awareness of the DRHS and all of the services we provide in our community.

Fostering Volunteer: Care for your foster animal’s individual needs until they are ready to be put up for adoption. Some of the reasons animals are placed into foster homes include: orphaned kittens and puppies, nursing mothers, animals recovering from surgery, Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), kennel cough, and those simply needing “TLC” for emotional or physical reasons. The shelter provides food, cages, litter boxes, beds, bowls, treats, toys, blankets, and medications.

Green Team: Caring for the landscaping that surrounds the shelter, which includes planting, trimming, and watering the plans and pulling weeds. *Help is also needed to tend to the pet cemetery at the old shelter location. Please call and let us know if you would like to help at the cemetery.