Happy Tails

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I was thrilled to see Butch on the April Edition of the DRHS e-newsletter. He has taken well to life in Wisconsin.
He does barks with a southern accent! He loves to meet new people and dogs. Butch has some very special neighbors who give him extra love, treats and attention. He’s still a puppy… but when he falls asleep on my lap I could not be more content! Thank you all at the society! -- Mark Krist

Cover me with Love
We adopted Riley from you two years ago. We have enjoyed her. She goes for walks every day and likes being covered up with a blanket when she is sleeping. She was only at your beautiful facility for 3 days. We had lost our german shorthair due to old age and really love the breed. We were so happy when Riley became available to us. We think she is enjoying her new life. She goes for a car ride every day too! Thank you for what you all do and Merry Christmas -- The Thulens

The Best of Friends
We adopted Gunner from the DRHS earlier this year and we are so thankful that we put these two together! After my rescue beagle passed away, I didn't know if I wanted another dog, but my son did. These two have been a match made in heaven! They are always together from playing in the mud, to water guns, or just cuddling. Gunner sure has grown since we have taken him home and are so thankful for gettting to adopt him! We would't go anywhere else for a dog!! --Bobby Werner

Linda sees the Love
Molly Beagle Beegle (yes Linda's last name is Beegle) is pictured here and was adopted at age 7 1/2 in August of 2013. Lilly is pictured as well and was adopted at age 1 1/2 in August of 2012. Needless to say, they get along quite well!
Molly is actually the youngest dog Linda has adopted. Included in her family were Coco, best ever tennis ball catcher and best dog ever! She was 8 when she blessed Linda's home and Reba was 10 and enjoyed her forever home for three years.
Linda says, "I am a senior citizen who just sees the love yet to give in the eyes of a senior pet."

Treanor Family gives Polly a Home for the Holidays and a new best friend!
I adopted Polly on November 25th. She is pictured here with myself and her new friend Stella, my french bulldog. They are best friends! I love my rescue puppy! I live in Illinois and came all the way to Dubuque, Iowa to adopt her! Thanks again. - Danielle Treanor

Sassy finds his way home
Sassy went on an adventure on December 12th that led her away from her family. A friend of the owner posted this on Facebook, "Our former resident of the Dubuque Rescue Mission, Curt, lost his dog Sassy who ran away today from the 9th & Elm Street area."
And then just a day later posted..."Great news, I just received a message from Aimee Beam Heinrich, who works at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society. Sassy was found last night! Not only that, the staff at the Humane Society is pitching in the money to help pay for all the fees! Thanks to everyone for sharing this and helping find Sassy! Thank you SO much Aimee and the staff at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society!"

Missy finds a home for the Holidays
Molly was adopted by the Covert family on November 27th. The Coverts have changed her name to Missy and love her dearly.

Here's "Baby" with her new best friend. She loves to cuddle, give kisses, and she sleeps deep under the covers until she's too hot then she sticks her little nose out. She is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Dubuque Regional Humane Society!

My name is Royce and on May 13, 2014, I was brought to Kinsey Campus by a wonderful couple who found me wondering around on their farm. When I arrived I was in pretty bad shape....my hair was extremely matted and I was in desperate need of a bath! I was very skinny - only weighing between 34-36 pounds!

On May 17, you hosted a dog walk. Mary, the sweet owner of Urban Hound brought her crew and Teresa the groomer began working her magic! She gave me the best makeover! She shaved off 10 pounds of hair that day! I was so grateful to her that I just sat and stood there so proudly as she gently began removing the fur. We bonded that day and when Teresa was done I ran around outside with such joy and stretched for what seemed like miles!

I was so thankful for the care and a second chance at life!

Within a few days after my makeover I was neutered and ready for adoption. On May 23, the kind staff at the DRHS put me up for adoption and posted my availability on the website. Within 45 minutes of my availabiility of being announced, my owner Leah arrived at the DRHS. Leah didn't even know my name or what I looked like! Leah knew I was a 4-year-old chocolate Labradoodle. So she came on in and saw me in my kennel just resting then she asked if she could take me outside! Off we went, I ran around sniffing and playing then she sat on the bench and I came over setting my head on her leg! We knew right then that we were meant for each other.

Leah had just moved to Dubuque and was looking for a loving companion! She prayed about getting a special dog who was loving, friendly, hypoallergenic, sociable with people and other dogs, and big enough that she felt safe! Thanks to the DRHS I was given a second chance and God brought us together!

May 23...Leah brought me home and I was in heaven! I live a dog's life of lazy living! I have a huge backyard where I run and play! Leah and I love going on walks around our neighborhood and at the Riverwalk where I enjoy greeting people of all ages! My neighbor Rose gives the best ear rubs and I am always so excited to see her! I LOVE going to Urban Hound and visiting Mary! Of course, Teresa is the best groomer who is so gentle with me!

Other than our daily walks, I also enjoy riding in the car and visiting our family in Illinois! Leah is so loving, gentle and caring! She feeds me well; I have gained almost 20 pounds since May.

I am loving life and am so thankful! This will be our first Christmas together and I would like to thank you! I now have a wonderful life and a forever home.
Love, Royce

P.S. It may seem weird for a dog to write a letter but that is the best way to express the impact Royce has made on my life thanks to you! I kept his name because it was unique and very fitting! Royce has a 86-year-old friend that calls him "Regal Royce" because he sits so proud and crosses his front legs when lying down. He is my "gentle giant!."

We have a lot of visitors which Royce kindly greets, then he usually comes and lays beside me wherever I sit. Royce always makes sure I am alright and loves to cuddle up next to me whenever he can. I have never met such an easy going, friendly and loving dog. He stands and will give me a hug which is so sweet! He doesn't shed or bark very much. Many people who don't normally like BIG dogs just LOVE Royce! So Thank You DRHS for giving many animals a second chance to live a better life! I thank God for bringing Royce and I together! Merry Christmas!

Your friends,
Royce & Leah

On Christmas Eve 2011, we lost our cat who I got when I was 9. Chester was my furry friend, and it was so hard to think of life without him.

The next day my husband and I were to leave on a trip to visit his brother until New Year's Eve. When we came home to our empty apartment we couldn't stand it. Knowing there were cats out there without homes, we went straight to the Dubuque Regional Humane Society. One big-eared tabby caught my husband's eye. We went into a room to get to know him, and after frolicking around and being adorable he tried to crawl into my purse. That was when we knew this kitten--then named Tron--had to come home with us.

He almost immediately chose my husband as his person and less than a month later we decided he needed a buddy. I've always loved orange cats and went to see "Fiddle" at Petco. We told ourselves we'd take a week to decide, wanting to be sure we were doing what's best for the first cat we brought home. ...a day later my husband went back to Petco and came home with our little orange.

Pippin (formerly Tron) & Merry (Fiddle) have been best buddies, and sweet pets for us since!

Many people need time to heal after the loss of a beloved pet, but knowing we could bring two shelter cats to a forever home has helped me heal and brought so much joy to our lives.

August 2014
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