Meet the Staff

Maria Benham
Maria joined the DRHS as President/CEO in October 2013. She has an extensive non-profit background with more than 17 years professional experience in nonprofit administration, fundraising and service excellence.

Aimee Heinrich
Director of Operations

Aimee, our Director of Operations, has been with the DRHS since 2008, previously serving a variety of positions including veterinary technician. She has extensive knowledge of small animal care and shelter operations. She adopted four dogs and a cat from the shelter. She also enjoys caring for her four horses.

Dr. Debra Smith-Reed

Dr. Deb joined our team in July. She is from Dodgeville, WI and had previously worked at Richland Veterinary Service, LLC. She enjoys the variety and the constant learning that veterinary medicine has to offer. She loves to learn new things. She has an elderly Golden Retriever and two kittens that are very entertaining.

Joyce Parsons
Human Resources & Administrative Manager

Joyce provides HR support for the DRHS. She helps establish protocol and procedures, manages general office operations and handles accounts payable. Joyce has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She is a member of the National Society for Human Resources Management and is involved in TRIHRA (Tri-State Human Resource Association). She adopted Zoe, a Beagle/Blue Heeler mix, that was born at the shelter.

Lisa Kucharski
Community Outreach Coordinator
Lisa Kucharski moved from Woodstock, Ill. to join the DRHS in December 2014 as our Community Outreach Coordinator. Lisa brings lifelong experience with animals including horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. She brought her Australian Shepherd rescue, Dash, with her to Dubuque. Lisa builds relationships with the community, schools and youth organizations in the area and directs the volunteer team.

Veterinarian Staff

Dr. Debra Smith-Reed

Veterinary Technician

Lacey Mason

Veterinary Assistant

Krista Wieseler
Megan Schmerbach

Animal Care Supervisor

Audra Krusz

Customer Care Supervisor

Haley Hoppmann & Colin Halbmaier

Animal Care Technicians
Lisa Brimeyer
Andrew Ehlers

Madelyne Heinrich
Zebulon Hill
Summer Kruse
Mitch Leuchs

Ganelle Reed
Megan Schmerbach

Jennifer Sheldon
Holly Steil
Krista Wieseler

Administrative Assistant
Susan Lorenz

Dick Hess