How to adopt

The objective of the Adoption Program is to find an appropriate home for each adopted animal. An appropriate home is one in which the prospective adopter is willing and able to provide for the needs of the animal. These needs include proper nutrition, shelter, grooming, exercise, training, vaccinations, veterinary care, attention, and affection. Each animal is an individual and individualized attention to placement is critical.

Iowa law states that all animals adopted from a shelter must be sterilized (spay or neuter). No animal from our shelter contributes to pet overpopulation by reproducing.

Sometimes people acquire an animal for the wrong reasons, or they have not fully realized the responsibilities involved. Unfortunately, these animals are sometimes abandoned, neglected, shuffled from one home to the next, or surrendered to an animal shelter. The Humane Society receives thousands of these animals every year. We make every effort to ensure the animals that are placed will have long-term loving homes. To assist us in that decision-making process our staff follows guidelines that have been generated by years of experience and common sense.

The adoption process involves the following:
  • Meeting with a staff person
  • Reviewing the “profiles” of the animals available.
  • Visiting with prospective animals
  • Having family members/other pets come in to meet the potential adoptee
  • Counseling on pet care; reviewing follow-up services; and offering advice to help the animal(s) adjust to their new home
  • Filling out an adoption application
  • Completing paperwork (including the adoption contract) and paying the fees

Adoption fees (all adoption fees can vary depending on the animal):

  • Adult dogs range in price from $135-$500 (fees vary for breed, age, etc.)
  • Puppies range in price from $150-$500 (fees vary for breed, age, etc.)
  • Cats (over 1 year): $25 (effective 1/20/15)
  • Kittens (under 1 year): $50 (effective 1/20/15)