Fetch List

Thanks to our partnership with Hills Science Diet and Theisen's, DRHS is supplied with dry dog and cat food. But food is only one of the many supplies we need to care for the 4,000+ animals that come through our door every year!

If you would like to make a gift to the DRHS, please consider one (or more) of the following:


Monetary Donations (Tax Deductible) - Last year $0.87 of every dollar donated went directly to animal care and community outreach programming. Give Now by making your gift online using our secure site.

Gift Cards - Gift cards to stores where we can purchase supplies are always appreciated! (i.e., Sam's Club, Staples, PETCO, Petsmart, Target, Theisen's, Wal-mart, White Front Feed & Seed, etc.)

Cat Supplies
Scamp brand non-clumping clay kitty litter
• Kitten pate food
• Small Toys
• Stretch & Scratch - purchase online at
Stretch and Scratch

Dog Supplies

• Large Kongs
• Soft/Small Treats for Training
• Large Rawhides
• Nail Clippers

Critter Supplies
• Water Bottle Clips
• Hay Feeders
• Fish Tank Filters
• Food Dishes
• Critter Exercise Balls

Vet Supplies
• Large Plastic Gloves
• Distilled Water
• D and AAA Batteries
• New White Bath Towels
• Brawny Paper Towels
• Dog Pill Pockets
• Digital Food Scale
• #10 or #15 Oster Blade
• Lysol Wipes
• Monetary Donations for Upper Respiratory Treatment for Cats

General Supplies
• Bleach
• Dawn Dishwashing Soap
• Hand Soap
• Disinfecting Gel

• Post-it Notes
• Copy Paper (white)
• Brooms
• Mops/Mop Heads
• Window Cleaner
• Scotch Tape
• Staples

Humane Education Supplies
• Crayons
• Markers
• Face Paint
• Poster Paper (any color)
• Small Storage Bins
• Hand Sanitizer